Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eve Buff 2.0

Passive: Theft of Vitae
On kill/assist, Evelynn heals (100+LV*30) health. 130~640.

(Q)Hate Spike
20% spell vamp
Improved AP ratio (.35? from .28)
Now targets two opponents near Evelynn (previously targeted one then bounced to another)
Prioritizes champions
Currently glitched so that if only one opponent is in range, they will be struck twice

(W)Shadow Walk
Stealth 40sec at all levels
Stun 1sec at all levels
10~26% improved movespeed while stealthed and for 4 seconds after
Reduced stealth delay to 1.25 from 1.5
Stealth bug still not fixed (loses stealth on animation start instead of on hit like all other stealth champions)

Incorporates a mini-dash to the target
No longer requires a back-attack to apply debuff
Slight range increase to account for dash. Range isn't high enough to hit people through walls.
"Ravage's AP Ratio was reduced to 0.7"

(R)New Ultimate: Exuding Embrace
AOE skill, affects champions only
Affects instantly, doesn't "persist" I think (looks like a cloud)
ZERO damage (since Shadow Walk applies stuns on damage)
40~60% slow
Blinds all champions in radius
3 (???) second duration on all targets hit
Radius approx 200 units? Pretty small. Smaller than the graphic/aoe circle anyways.


  1. I dont like this remake, losing all attack speed and the bonus move speed from her ult.... :/ 2 things i took great advantage when playing her.

  2. Stop Leaking PTR Info.

  3. Leak more info.
    Give a shit about Above poster, I check this blog daily for leaks and this bloke does a good job catering for the readers.

  4. Shurelia,

    Can you make Eve be the chaser for post fight running away champions. Think of her like a version of Akali but with a more constant chasing ability instead of how using her ultimate.

  5. @above anonymous

    stop being retarded and thinking this is actually the fat cow that is Shurelia.

    Thanks broseph for the leaks.

  6. eve's ult is like rikumaru's smoke bomb now isnt it?
    (from dota)

  7. To above poster,
    Nah this one slows for 40-60%, which is a huge utility, on top of full blindness(100% miss for normal auto attks).

    Yes this is not Shurelia's real blog... it's just a leaker...
    Good work though.

  8. Decrepify
    Mana Cost: 60 (+10/Rank)
    Base Damage: 25 (+15/Rank) per Second
    AP Ratio: 0.2/Second (0.6)
    Slows by: 20% (+3% Per Rank)
    Duration: 3 Seconds.
    Cooldown: 7 Seconds

    Mana Cost: 80 (+10/Rank)
    Base Damage: 80(+40/Rank)
    AP Ratio: 0.5
    Cooldown: 18 (-2s/Rank)
    Roots for: 2 seconds

    Mana Cost: 65 (+5/Rank)
    Base Damage: 80 (+45/Rank)
    AP Ratio: 0.8
    Cooldown: 10 seconds

    Ravenous Flock
    Mana Cost: 20 +3/second (+5 base +2/second/rank)
    Base Damage: 40 (+20/Rank)
    AP Ratio: 0.15
    Cooldown: 15 seconds

    Carrion Renewal
    +150% Mana Regen on Kill.
    Note: This is not the same as increasing your mana regen by half, this is doubling your mana regen and then increasing it by half.

  9. Ty for the info!

    Do you have any info about "Luxanna" to post? It seems it's the next hero after Swain.

    And seems the Test Servers are with tons of new itens, any information on them?

    Thanks! :)